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Broadcast & Film

Dover Marine Services are in a unique position to offer the broadcast and film industry 3 different types of vessel that are available at very short notice.
Boat Charter for News teams

For those breaking news stories, we can supply you with the fastest and largest type of RIB boat on the South East Coast of England.
Film and TV boat charter for Goodwin Sands
Dover Marine Services offer expert guidance and facilitate trips that involve filming on the Goodwin Sands.
We have perfected methods and locations to get you and equipment on to the
Goodwin Sands, ensuring a safe and successful shoot.

Info about the Goodwin Sands

outside broadcast facilities
The Dover Explorer can be away from her berth usually within the half hour of notification and very quickly on scene using our top speed of 40 knots.

The Dover Explorer, our 10.5 metre Humber/Quinquari RHIB is licensed to carry 12 passengers and up to 1000 kgs in equipment.

The deck area can be configured for many different applications, providing a large stable platform for carrying or mounting equipment.

With the superb sea keeping characteristics providing a safe, dry and comfortable ride for all aboard.

The Dover Explorer has a top speed of 40 knots, making it possible to keep pace with the fastest of action.
boat services for film, tv and outside broadcast
Using our RIB we can facilitate a camera operator, sound operator and presenter. Getting them close in to the action when needed and fast.

All vessels supplied by Dover Marine Services are coded commercial vessels, come complete with qualified commercial skipper and crew and include all fuel costs.